Rail Saddle Cupped

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Sturdy and streamlined

This is our bread-and-butter rail fencing design. It’s strong, long-lasting and good-looking. In fact, no competing rail design even comes close in strength, long-term durability or ability to avert sag, warpage and loose or downed rails over the long term.

Saddle-cupping the top of posts achieves a very smooth top-line in rail fencing. For some customers, the main value is in the resulting aesthetics. It’s also a significant safety advantage in arenas, so riders avoid striking post-tops when taking a tumble. Saddle-cupping is also used when we add a top rail to a mesh or wire fence, or a pet or garden enclosure.

Saddle-cupped rail fencing is a variant of our side-notched rail fences, described in detail in the adjoining page. It has the same advantages, materials and basic characteristics (please see that sub-page for details). We use a specialized gas-powered drill with a saddle-cupping bit to accurately cup the top of each post.