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Austech’s automated gate packages are affordable

Austech automated gate packages are composed of three main components: the gate, the posts and hinges, and the control system. They range in width from 8’ to 16’ per gate (enabling a 32’ opening with a double-swing) and come in three configurations:Hi-Hog handy gates, HSS flat top and curved top.

Our automated gate packages are affordable in their all-in installed cost. One reason is that we have kept the designs clean and simple, and use powder-coated steel rather than more expensive aluminum. The biggest reason, however, is that we have developed a reliable method of installing a gate without the need to auger holes or pour concrete. This dramatically simplifies and speeds up installation. One-day installs are typical for us. You benefit from a lower price through our high productivity.

Our gates are tested and proven over hundreds of installations. We can also integrate our automatic gate with an attractive wooden ranch gate. We service everything we sell with our full-time on-call service truck with quick response in the event of urgent service or repair needs.

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Our gates come in single and double-swing in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’, providing an opening of up to 32’. We can also automate 20’ Hi-Hog farm gates, providing 40’ double-swing openings for the today’s largest farm equipment. The standard available heights are 38” and 44 ½” for the rectangular configuration, and a vertical sweep of 36” to 55” for our curved style.

Design and manufacture

Our automated gate packages are designed in-house. The gates and superstructure are manufactured in-house on custom jigs out of 2”x2”, 1/8” walled high-strength steel, and are then sand-blasted and powder-coated at Hi-Hog in Calgary.

Control System

We use the proven control system (including the motor or actuator) from Command Gate. This Innisfail, Alberta-based company makes the most reliable solar-powered gate control system we know of. It’s purpose-built for real Alberta conditions and has been field-proven with over 4,000 installations. That means it’s not only reliable, but replacement parts are readily available.

The Command Gate Receiver (CGR) control system has a guaranteed range of 400’, with 25 reprogrammable codes, programmable for 20 clickers, a two-button clicker with latch-open feature and vacation mode, a stainless steel keypad enclosure, wood or steel keypad posts, and an optional module to provide cellular access. Also available are sensors providing a safety loop (gate won’t close if a vehicle is in the opening) and exit loop (automatic opening upon approach of a vehicle from the inside).

The solar-powered battery system is rated to provide up to 100 openings in any one hour, with 20 openings per day on a sustained basis. The battery has approximately 4 weeks of backup power. The system is also available with a 110 volt trickle charger.


Our unique post system was designed to be strong, straight, and long-lasting. Our unique two stage pounded steel system delivers excellent precision in the location and angle of the above-ground post, as well as providing a great-looking, long-lasting professional finish. Posts are capped in powder-coated cast-iron.


Hinges are ½” cold-rolled steel pins inside a ¾” female, with grease nipples and bushings, sitting on ball bearings. 1” threaded hinges are easily adjustable by the owner.


Not only is no auguring, piling, or concrete required, there’s no major excavation at all. On double-swing gates, we will dig a ¾” wide slit to lay power opposite the control box. We can work on dirt, gravel, grass, concrete or pavement. We are able to do the entire job with just two vehicles – our post pounder truck and our service truck – using a crew of two, and almost always completing the job in one day. The overall impact is very low.


We will tie the gate into your existing fencing. Customers often choose to add a few sections of “garnish” wood rail fencing to attractively integrate their new gate with existing fence.


A small but important detail is that our nominal gate sizes are the actual size, so that a 10’ gate actually gives you a 10’ opening (off-the-shelf farm gates have a nominal size that references the distance between the centre point of the gate’s posts). A double-swing gate will give you an opening slightly larger than the combined nominal size of the two gates.