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Create a great first impression to your ranch

A wooden ranch gate is a wonderful way to create a great first impression to your ranch, acreage or dream home, enhancing property value as well as aesthetics.

Austech provides several configurations of ranch gate. All use 8”x8”, rough-cut treated timbers. We do not, under any circumstances, use peeled logs or other “white” timber. Custom logs look great, but experience shows that this type of wood simply doesn’t last.

Our ranch gates do last! The multi-decade lifespan of the treated wood is further extended by our unique design. Instead of auguring holes and placing (or cementing) the posts into the ground, we use a pounded steel and wood combination down to 6’, allowing for a sturdy pivot technique that helps your ranch gate avoid wicking moisture and infestation. If the underlying steel post shifts, the gate can be adjusted. With no need to augur or pour concrete, our design also makes for fast installations, which is more cost-effective for you.

Austech ranch gates come in horizontal, peaked and “barn gable” profiles. We usually provide standard underpass clearance of 13 ½”, but we can build your gate taller or shorter if required. Standard widths are 12’-24’. We can also provide additional custom sizes and configurations – as long it’s with treated wood.

Note: These ranch gates do not include integrated swinging gates, which are priced separately.

Our ranch gates are designed to integrate well with our steel automated gate systems as well as with our rail and plank fencing designs.