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Fastener free, attractive from both sides

This unique design was invented by Austech and delivers a rail fence that is virtually free of metal fasteners and looks identical from the inside and out. It is a great option for the right applications, namely acreage, residential and property-line fencing in which livestock is not a consideration.

The unique design element is fitting the rails along the centre-line of the posts, rather than on the outer or inner line. That simple idea required inventing a whole suite of tools to get the job done.

Here’s how it works. The rail ends are beveled (sharpened) by a truck-mounted hydraulic bevelling tool we developed, while the posts receive cone-shaped holes using special cone bits made to our specifications. Once the rails are up, the fence-line is kept in tension with a strand of high-tensile wire running from end to end along the top of the fence and discretely mounted on the end stays through a drilled hole affixed with wire vices. The result is a fence without a single nail, spike or lag-bolt – just a few staples holding the wire strand in place