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Wooden post-and-rail fencing is a classic and beloved approach for the frontage of ranches, farms, acreages, hobby farms and rural commercial operations, as well as corrals. It looks great and, done right, lasts for decades.

By paying attention to every detail of design, materials, installation, fasteners and tools, Austech’s rail and plank fences overcome the traditional shortcomings. The result is a rail fence configuration that is unique to our company.

We exclusively use pressure-treated wood. We typically use posts of 5 ¼” or 6” diameter in 7’ lengths, 8’ (or even longer) if the ground is very soft. For rails, we generally use a 3.25″ (3.5” when available) diameter and 16’ length. We typically opt for 7’ 10” post spacing to ensure that all rails fit and to enable a staggered rail placement, which is very important for strength.

Post installation is done with the unique and industry-leading Austech post pounder for fast, efficient, straight and strong installation. A small but important detail for aesthetics is that, as we approach a corner, we “do the math” and place a series of evenly-spaced posts so that there isn’t a single, odd-looking small space at the end. Fastening is done with lag bolts and galvanized plates – no nails or spikes.

Rail fencing can be combined with sections of barbed wire if needed to follow very complex terrain. Another option for particular applications is a single top rail accompanying mesh or barbed wire.

Your project may include replacing an aging wooden fence along the same or similar line. We will gladly take down your old fence, bundle the old posts and rails and dispose of the material for a fee. Sometimes old posts can be reused or even resold. We will discuss the options surrounding demolition and disposal.