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Steel farm gates affordable, simple, light, reusable and fast to install

Steel farm gates from the highly respected Calgary manufacturer Hi-Hog are affordable, simple, light, reusable and fast to install. They are also readily available, and we carry an extensive inventory of the forest green coloured gates, with black available to order.

Made of spring steel, Hi-Hog gates are stronger than typical farm gates and are very strong for their light weight. They are powder-coated at the Hi-Hog facility rather than being merely painted, so they are more corrosion-resistant than other steel gates (and come with a five-year warranty on the powder coating). Hinges are sturdy 1” thread rather than the more common ¾” thread.

For sizing, they come in the standard five-bar or 38” height. They are available in two-foot increments from 4’ through 20’ lengths. Important note: These are nominal sizes referring to the centre-point of the swing post. ie: a 20’ gate means you pound your posts on 20’ centres. The gates themselves are approximately 6” shorter than their stated length, meaning a double-swing gate will be about 12” narrower than its nominal size.

Historically, farm gates were bolted through wooden posts. Wood, of course, swells and shrinks with changing weather, leading to loose or sagging gates and frequent adjustment. Austech has moved to steel end stays on its barbed wire and mesh fencing, enabling us to mount farm gates using a bolted side-clamp system. This minimizes sagging and misalignment while remaining very easy to adjust.

For a more affordable option, we are able to automate Hi-Hog farm gates too.