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Operating in a wide range of rural terrain and achieving results for our customers with industry-leading productivity requires the right technology and equipment. And we have it, from the specialized bits in our gas-powered drills to our custom-designed, truck-mounted, spring-assist post pounders.

We are not dependent on rented gear or any ill-suited, general-purpose equipment. Everything we use is dedicated to the job of fencing. Much of our equipment is either heavily modified or designed in-house and built from the ground up. We have spent the past 30 years innovating and rolling out new technology to move our company beyond a traditional fencing style that’s been virtually unchanged in a century.


Our pride and joy, probably our number-one innovation and advantage. The truck-mounted Austech pounder is unmatched for speed, mobility, power, versatility. Its integrated post deck holds the materials supply directly in front of the pounder, enabling a crew of two to pound posts with industry-leading productivity (4 bundles a day), using just one vehicle and no trailer. Developed in the 1990s, with successive iterations since then, the Austech pounder drives wooden posts and steel tubing of up to 12’ length. With a 1,350-pound head, plus spring assist, it’s virtually a truck-mounted pile driver. The primary limiting factor is the strength of the post rather than of the machine.


For especially difficult terrain and/or boggy ground that is not suitable for regular post-pounding, we use our Hoe-Pack-equipped track-hoe, allowing us to vibrate posts into place.

Wire Roll-Out

Specialized attachments on our pounder trucks enable us to efficiently roll out four strands of barbed or high-tensile wire at once – all while pounding posts! Since the fifth strand has already been placed as a site wire, that means single-pass wire fencing installation is a standard Austech capability

Mesh Roll Out

Our specialized mesh dispenser overcomes the slow speed, awkwardness and poor tensioning of mesh installation. Most fencing contractors still unroll mesh by hand, lift it up to the post, tension it and staple. With Austech, the mesh is unrolled vertically, in tension. It goes up quickly and, thanks to being automatically tensioned, can be immediately stapled. Using gripples to join multiple rolls of mesh, the fence can be custom tensioned to the terrain.

Service Truck

We have all the tools and equipment needed to install automated gates at your site.

Salvage Equipment

A unique, Austech-developed skid-steer attachment allows us to roll up miles of multi-strand barbed wire in far less time than you can do it by hand. We can also pull up and bundle old posts.

Fabrication Capacity

We maintain our own equipment, and design and fabricate our own gates using custom-made jigs.

Bulk Retail Sales Loader

We have an efficient tele-handler to get you in and out of our yard quickly

Fuel Cell Staplers

We use Stockade fuel cell powered staplers drive full-sized, 2” barbed staples for barbed and high-tensile wire, with unparalleled speed and consistency

Specialized Tools

We have a variety of gasoline-powered drills, saws and notchers with specialized attachments to efficiently build our side-notched and saddle-cupped rail fences. Our rail bevelling equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, to make for safe and flexible installations of conventional rail. We use a Twintier to make a quick and tidy tie off of mesh at the end post.


A major advantage of Austech is its people. We are a small company owned and operated by people with vision, drive, decades of experience, and hands-on skills. This is who you can expect to see at your site.