Pet Mesh

Pet enclosures that work for you and your pets

Although pet mesh uses the same basic materials and installation procedures, the unique requirements of containing pets demand particular characteristics. Here are a few:

  • icon Because pet enclosures typically follow the contours of the owners’ lawn or yard, there are very few straight lines. This almost always demands a top rail, even when the mesh is low and the owner opts for stiff, high-quality mesh;
  • icon The gauge of the mesh itself needs to be correctly sized for the owner’s specific animals – a seemingly simple task that all too many fencing contractors fail to consider;
  • icon Many dogs and other pets burrow, as does some wildlife, so a pet enclosure frequently requires a bottom plank or even a buried mesh apron; and
  • icon Pet enclosures typically involve close contact with buildings, requiring an expert contractor who takes care during installation – and one with the smarts to ensure the layout provides the right number of gates, placed in the right locations. Austech uses pre-fabricated chain-link gates for the access points.

Austech’s long and diversified experience with pet enclosures ensures that we will bring all these considerations to your attention, and deliver a result that works for you and your pets.

(Please see the main Mesh Fencing page for the fundamental characteristics of Austech mesh fencing.)