Livestock Mesh

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Protect high value animals with livestock mesh

Opting for mesh makes sense to contain and protect high-value animals where you don’t want to use barbed or even high-tensile wire. It’s also used to restrain sheep and goats, which can wriggle through simple wire fences. And it’s used by specialty operations, such as genetics facilities, where biosecurity is mandated.

The longer, straighter sections typically found in livestock mesh applications place a premium on achieving maximum tension, but do not typically require a top-rail.

Our special equipment, tools and techniques are described on the main mesh fencing page, but it bears repeating: Austech mesh is never laid on the ground. It is rolled out in an erect position from a special mesh trailer that achieves automatic tensioning and is immediately stapled to maintain tension. Our steel end braces are very strong and contribute to maintaining tension over time. Our use of Gripples allows us to tension the joints of separate mesh rolls and facilitates easy re-tensioning over time (you can call us for service or easily do this yourself).