Austech’s fencing design experts have developed a number of advantages – in fencing design, equipment, tools, materials and installation methods – aimed atone main objective: Efficiency

Efficiency drives productivity, and that means Austech can offer premium designs, materials and quality, as well as rapid installation, at highly competitive pricing. You’ll see the proof in our quotes.

From our very beginnings, we’ve been motivated by the desire to provide better fencing outcomes and, if need be, to reinvent fencing altogether.

We’ve paid attention to the small details, such as tie-down barbs, convenient drop-rail gates, or vinyl end-stay caps to cover sharp edges.

We’ve also never lost sight of the big picture, allocating your budget, matching the right product to the project, and planning for your long-term building aspirations.

As you’ll read on the Key Equipment and Technology page we operate a complete range of equipment.

There are multiple advantages, from being able to safely run fence lines through the most rugged terrain, to avoiding the delays of waiting for rental equipment, to achieving the best installation quality that only our own equipment can give us.

We have our own base of operations that enables us to maintain our own extensive inventory of fencing and gate supplies, much of which we source directly from large manufacturers.

That means when you give the go-ahead, there’s no need to wait for materials.

We have an assortment of in-house designed, modified and/or off-the-shelf (but hard-to-find) hand and power tools to get the job done efficiently and right.

These range from specialized wire tensioners only available overseas, to gas-powered drills with special in-house bevelling bits that can’t be purchased, and much more.

This is where everything comes together, figuratively and literally. Our commitment to you, the pride we take in our work, our design features, high-spec materials and the equipment needed to install it result in the package you see at your site.

Posts that are deep and straight. Rails that are strong. Wire that is in full tension – yet floats around corners for maximum livestock-restraining capacity. Gates that swing smoothly. And much more!


A major advantage of Austech is its people. We are a small company owned and operated by people with vision, drive, decades of experience, and hands-on skills. This is who you can expect to see at your site.

There will be no inexperienced ‘green hands” or newcomers recruited from other agencies, nor will there be large crews of semi- trained slap-it-together” installers. You will receive 100% Austech expertise!