We fence. Simply put, that’s what we do.


We have set ourselves apart from our competitors by developing special tools and equipment to make the construction and installation of our fences and gates efficient and affordable. Our customized tools also allow us to create tight, tidy joints on our end braces, rail fences and gates.

We operate truck mounted post pounders, which allow us to carry two bundles of posts at a time. This minimizes our downtime incurred while travelling back and forth to load more materials. We can clear fence lines with our Timber-ax mulcher, leaving bark chips in the place of brush piles which would need to be burned or would take decades to decompose. We also use two skid steer mounted post pounders, one with rubber tracks, and a rubber tracked 8 ton Track Ho, which enable us to:

  • Access cramped areas
  • Fence in wet zones
  • Install up and down steep slopes
  • Manoeuvre through trees and other sensitive areas


All our staff is trained specifically on our customized tools, and are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to not only ensure our projects are completed with the utmost care and efficiency, but also to troubleshoot without delay.

We pride ourselves in hiring a diligent, trustworthy and courteous staff, who strive to get the job done and who revel in a job well done.