Fabric Fences

We’ve built fabric enclosures for everything from muskox to peacocks!

Most commonly used in agriculture to contain sheep, goats or game, fabric fence can now be utilized for domestic dog enclosures too. So forget about those expensive chain-link dog runs or industrial-looking fences. With Austech’s solid fabric fences, you get an attractive and affordable fence that will stand the test of time.

At Austech, we custom-build our fabric fences. Plus, we special-order 400 ft. rolls of wire – rather than the customary 100 ft. rolls – because it increases durability and installation efficiency thereby decreasing costs (e.g. – for big enclosures, it means less time and money is spent joining sections of the fence together). Our fabric is also available in various configurations for a variety of applications. Ask us for more details.

We use a medium tensile wire, because it’s less prone to stretching. We also use special installation techniques that allow for quick and easy tightening and maintenance. When using fabric fence in horse enclosures we install a top rail on your fence to add visibility rigidity ┬áto the structure.


Other Fence Types